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MM (Materials Management)

SAP MM deals with material management, including procurement, inventory management, and invoice verification. It ensures the availability of materials required for production or services.

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

SAP PLM manages the entire lifecycle of a product from inception, through design and manufacturing, to service and disposal. It integrates people, processes, business systems, and information.

SD (Sales and Distribution)

SAP SD manages sales orders, deliveries, pricing, billing, and credit management processes. It helps businesses streamline their sales and distribution operations.

QM (Quality Management)

SAP QM ensures product quality by implementing quality planning, quality inspection, and quality control processes throughout the supply chain.

FI (Financial Accounting)

SAP FI handles financial transactions, financial reporting, and financial planning. It provides comprehensive solutions for accounting and financial management.

HCM (Human Capital Management)

SAP HCM manages human resources processes such as payroll, personnel administration, talent management, and workforce planning.

Corporate Training in SAP Modules

SAP GRC-AC (Access Control)

SAP GRC-AC helps organizations manage access risks by controlling user access to sensitive data and applications.

SAP S/4HANA Finance for Treasury & Risk Management

SAP S/4HANA Finance for Treasury & Risk Management provides tools for managing treasury operations and mitigating financial risks.

SAP S/4HANA Finance for Cash Management

SAP S/4HANA Finance for Cash Management optimizes cash flow by forecasting, monitoring, and managing cash positions.

SAP S/4HANA Finance for Receivables Management

SAP S/4HANA Finance for Receivables Management automates and streamlines the accounts receivable process, improving cash flow and reducing DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

SAP Single Sign-on

SAP Single Sign-on enables users to access multiple SAP and non-SAP applications with a single set of credentials, enhancing security and user experience.

SAP Process Orchestration/PI

SAP Process Orchestration/PI integrates disparate systems and applications within an organization, enabling seamless communication and process automation.

SAP Solution Manager

SAP Solution Manager provides tools for managing and monitoring SAP systems, implementing best practices, and supporting business processes.

CHARM (Change Request Management)

SAP CHARM streamlines the change management process by providing tools for planning, documenting, approving, and implementing changes to SAP systems.

BPM (Business Process Management)

SAP BPM enables organizations to model, analyze, optimize, and automate their business processes for improved efficiency and agility.

SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a suite of cloud-based human capital management (HCM) software that includes modules for talent management, workforce planning, and employee engagement.

Employee Central

SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central is a core HR system that centralizes employee data, simplifies HR processes, and improves workforce management.

Performance & Goal Management

SAP SuccessFactors Performance & Goal Management module helps organizations set, track, and evaluate employee performance and goals.


SAP SuccessFactors Compensation module automates compensation planning, rewards employees based on performance, and ensures fair and equitable pay practices.

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)

SAP ABAP is a programming language used for developing custom applications and enhancements within the SAP environment.


SAP BASIS is the system administration platform for SAP applications, providing the runtime environment and tools necessary for system management and monitoring.

SAP Fiori

SAP Fiori is a user experience (UX) design concept and collection of apps that provides a modern and intuitive user interface for SAP applications, accessible across devices.



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